5 Accommodation Option in Dubai


Choosing the best and medium budget accommodation in Dubai may be quite challenging. There are indeed so many hotels, villas and apartments, and, of course, you will desire to save as much money as possible while still staying in a nice place in Dubai.

Keep reading to discover the 5 accommodation options in Dubai

1. Ibis Hotels
There are 8 Ibis hotels available in Dubai, and you can find most of them near the metro station. The costs for the Ibis hotels are affordable and also money for value. 

2. Rove Hotels
Rove hotels in Dubai are stylish and modern, and the big plus is that they are located in central neighbourhoods. You can easily access the metro station; hence leaving you with no nuisance for roaming around Dubai.

3. Signature 1 Hotel Tecom
If you desire to stay near the Mall of the Emirates then the Signature 1 Hotel Tecom may be the right hotel for you. You may shop a little and then get back to the hotel to relax, and again go back to the Mall of the Emirates because it will be not far from the Signature 1 Hotel Tecom.

4. Somewhere Hotel
If you are planning only hours of stay in Dubai, the Somewhere Hotel will be the right option for you. The Somewhere Hotel is 10 minutes away from the airport. If you need to chill, relax or exercise, an outdoor pool and fitness centre is at your disposal.

5. Tryp by Wyndham
Tryp by Wyndham offers the opportunity to choose from different rooms, such as you can opt for a room that includes fitness bikes or yoga mats if you are a fitness freak. This hotel may be more expensive in comparison with the other hotels mentioned in this article, but it is worth it.

Winding Up
To wind up, there are many hotels available in Dubai, and it is essential to know which one will be best for your journey. You need to consider your budget and also the primary reason for your trip so that you will be capable of choosing the best accommodation in Dubai. Thanks for reading.

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