5 tips to survive a long-haul flight in economy class


Surviving a long-haul flight can be challenging; especially if you are travelling in economy class. Many passengers seem to panic before even getting into the plane. Indeed, just thinking about how you will manage a long-haul flight leads to anxiety and stress. However, there are several things that you can do so that the long-haul flight does not turn into a nightmare.

Keep reading to explore the tips on how to survive a long-haul flight in economy class

1. Choose a window seat
Probably, you think that it is better to opt for an aisle seat as you will not have to disturb anyone if ever you have to go to the bathroom. But, a window seat will allow you to have a better and long sleep without any disturbance. You will also be able to lean on the window side for better sleep position. For more leg space, you can consider buying the exit-seat.

2. Bring a rounded-travel pillow
In almost every airport, you can find a rounded-pillow. The pillow is of great help when you are sleeping as it will help to support your neck in whichever position you are sleeping.

3. Bring your favourite entertainment
Indeed, you will have a personal TV in your front seat. But, you may not always find exciting things to watch. It is, therefore, preferable to download a few movies or series that you like on your mobile phone or any other device. This tip is highly useful as this will help you to fly hours without having to face boredom.

4. Hydrate yourself
Usually, the humidity level on an airplane is lesser to 20% in comparison when you are on the ground. You can quickly get dehydrated when you are inside an airplane. Instead of asking a cup of water regularly from a cabin crew, you can rather ask them for a big bottle of water to avoid disturbing them regularly.

5. Light exercises
Often passengers complain about blood clotting or poor blood circulation when they travel for long hours. You can avoid these to happen to you; by doing light-leg exercises frequently, and walk around the cabin when there are no passengers or cabin crew traffic. 

Extra tips
Bring an earplug and a sleeping mask as this will aid in better sleep. Do not forget to bring lip balm, hydration-skincare, toothpaste, toothbrush and perfume. Thanks for reading.

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